Transition Planning

At Nether Johnstone House we are committed to ensuring that all our young people are actively involved at every stage of any transitions. Encouraging their involvement from the planning stages right through to the final move is a key strength and one which we feel very passionately about.

The Team at Nether Johnstone House are skilled and experienced in designing and implementing individual personalised transition support packages for children and young people coming into the service from home, foster care, secure care or other residential placements. Working alongside the child or young person and all other important people in their lives we create a plan that is fluid and dynamic, evolving with the child or young person as the process continues. Of paramount importance is supporting the child or young person to be fully prepared for the move and ensuring the meaningful relationships that matter the most to them are fully recognised and encouraged.

Watching our children and young people grow and develop, learning new skills, gaining confidence in themselves and their world is top of the list at Nether Johnstone House. We pride ourselves in continuing relationships with our children and young people once they move on, knowing that they can return anytime to share stories, seek advice or simply reminisce. We have a range of experience in supporting our young people to prepare for the next stage of their journey. Tailoring packages that reflect and compliment the individual, we ensure that each young person is empowered to recognise the purpose of the move, be actively involved in planning and preparing for it and hold confidence that all of their needs will continue to be supported, by those whom they have developed positive developmental relationships with. Our packages of support after leaving Nether Johnstone House are always personalised to the individual and devised in conjunction with all other parties involved in the continued care of our young person.


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