Wednesday 5th February 2020 saw us attend the much-awaited launch of the Independent Care Review.  WOW! Nether Johnstone House welcomed the findings and pledged their commitment to #KeepThePromise.

Recognition of the incredible importance of authentic relationships in helping our children and young people grow, develop and heal is fundamental to the core values at the heart of Nether Johnstone House.

The five foundations from which The Promise is built: Voice, Family, Care, People & Scaffolding hold the key to ensuring that Scotland is indeed ‘the best place in the world to grow up’.  Supporting our children and young people to stay connected and build on their relationships with those who are important to them is vital in a longer-term cultural shift of the care we provide in Scotland.  The team at Nether Johnstone House are committed to supporting these five foundations by:

Voice: Continuing to listen, encourage and enable our children and young people to be active participants in any decisions about their care.

Family: Find new and innovative ways to support our young people to spend time safely with their families in a way which is natural and developmentally supportive for all.

Care: Make Nether Johnstone House ‘the best place to live’, keeping childhood’s alive for those who are unable to live with their families, keeping brothers and sisters together.  Be adaptive and inclusive, welcoming change and ensuring that our children and young people shape the way in which they are cared for.  Continuing to welcome all our children and young people ‘home’ long after they have moved on from NJH.

People: Keeping relationships at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that we recognise and nurture healthy relationships to promote personal growth and an understanding of each other’s journey.

Scaffolding: Shaping our environment to the individual.  Be creative, authentic and work from the fundamental principles of a social pedagogical approach engrained within our values and culture.

Being part of this amazing review over the past 18 months has had a huge impact in shaping the culture and values of our children, young people and team at NJH.  We have had many opportunities to share our experiences and stories in a variety of ways and we can’t wait to be part of #KeepThePromise.  Watch out for our NJH contribution ‘The Farm’.

We created a movie!

In the summer the young people and team at NJH took part in a project alongside SSSC to create a new website promoting careers in care. We wanted those considering a career in care to see what it’s like to work in a residential childcare setting. We all had a great time creating this video & our young people were left with the humble feeling that they may be instrumental in encouraging the decisions of others to pursue a career working in the care sector. Alongside promoting such careers our young people were able to gain a degree of confidence in sharing their experiences & being filmed live in their day to day lives. An amazing opportunity – we now have some budding film stars in the making 😊

Watch our video to see what a day in the life at NJH can be like….

Halloween 2019 @ NJH was Spooktacular!

This year we made our own costumes, took part in the Paisley Halloween parade and spent the night at Kelburn Quarantine! We all got a little bit of extra fitness in that evening! The forest is the perfect place to scare the socks off you on Halloween!

A Day in the Life of a Residential Childcare Worker

In Sept 2019 we attended the launch of the SSSC Careers in care website.  NJH had produced a film about ‘a day in the life of a residential childcare worker’ alongside SSSC and this was a great opportunity for our young people to share their thoughts and experiences of this.  In this podcast we hear from two NJH young people, one who currently lives at NJH – Tasha and Charlotte who now has her own house in Kilmarnock, Greg Murnin; Assistant Service Manger & Elaine Hamilton; Service Manager, about why a career in Residential childcare is not to be missed!

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